Welcome to the Forum Chapter Blog

At its core, Mortar Board is all about stories. In 1915, the honor society started when women from different universities shared their stories and realized they shared values. Today, it is about the stories of bright, ambitious college seniors leading, serving and learning at their universities.

The Texas Tech chapter of Mortar Board is composed of 50 students from different backgrounds, different academic programs, and different campus organizations. While each member has a unique history, we all share a long-lasting commitment to leadership, scholarship and service. The union of these different perspectives and shared values offers exciting opportunities for the chapter, Texas Tech and the world.

This blog is about the stories of these students. It offers a glimpse of the lives of 50 seniors who are making an impact on the world around them.

We invite you to join us this year as we explore stories of leadership, scholarship and service at Texas Tech University.

Nicole Lundberg,                                                                                                                 Communications Director 2016-17