Why Mortar Board

This post is written by one of our amazing members, Alicia King! You can check out her blog here- she's really good! https://aliciakingblog.wordpress.com

For those of you who have not heard of Mortar Board, it is an honor society comprised of the top 50 seniors at a university based upon leadership, scholarship and service. When I was a junior in college, I had friends who were in Mortar Board and thought it looked like a pretty cool organization. You get fancy regalia to wear at graduation (because who doesn’t want a medal and stole) and there are a lot of events and volunteer opportunities.

When applications opened up for juniors, I thought I would apply just for the fun of it. I never thought I would be considered for the organization because they were the “top 50 seniors” at Texas Tech University. I definitely didn’t think I had what it took to hold such a title.

Tapping week rolled around and I didn’t expect anything to happen. I was shocked when I walked into my horticulture lecture and a member of Mortar Board had just begun to give a short speech. She announced that I had been accepted and a few weeks later I was at initiation.

Sitting in a room with so many people who are so well-rounded in their college careers is intimidating, but it also makes you feel like you are doing something right. To be recognized among the best and brightest students at your university is a huge honor. I was even elected as the faculty recognition officer, where I got to put together an event at one of the baseball games.

As graduation nears (40 days left, to be exact… but who’s counting) here are a few of my favorite memories:

1. Bark in the Park/Faculty Recognition

This event was a lot of fun because we combined two events that are normally separate into one day. People were allowed to bring their dogs to a baseball game, hence the name Bark in the Park. Since I was the faculty recognition chair, I did a great deal of planning for the first portion of the event. We brought five faculty/staff members out at the beginning of the game and they threw the first pitch. They were also given awards before leaving the field.

2. Initiation

I loved initiation because we got to meet the graduating class as well as all the new members. It was a great networking opportunity and inspiring to see what the other members had accomplished. Every time I hear about their amazing accomplishments, I wonder how in the world I was accepted into the organization. Regardless, I’m so thankful for this opportunity and I have made amazing friends through the organization.

3. Apple Polishing

We held an Apple Polishing banquet in the fall of 2017 to recognize our greatest influencers. Each student nominated the faculty member who made the biggest difference in their college career. It was amazing to see the relationships students built with Texas Tech faculty/staff. It was very emotional and meant a lot to all who were involved.

There are so many great memories of Mortar Board, but those stuck out the most. We have initiation for new members next weekend and I cannot wait to meet the incoming class. All of these people worked so hard to be where they are, and they deserve to be called one of the top 50 seniors of the university. I am so thankful for the connections I have made and I am proud to be a member of Mortar Board.

If you would like to learn more about the Texas Tech University Mortar Board chapter, click here.