Mortar Board Myths

So as many of you know, we have selected the 2018 Mortar Board class. They'll be tapped later this spring ;) Stay tuned for our next post about how selection works! 

But what many people want to know before they get tapped is how they got selected. There are a lot of myths about the selection process, so we wanted to take a moment to dispel them and give a little bit of an insight about what sort of qualities a Mortar Board member exudes. 

  1. "I have to be well known on campus, like on SGA or Homecoming Court, to get in." This could not be more far from the truth. While many of our members are on SGA or Homecoming Court, and are very visible on campus, we didn’t pick them because of these things. They’re visible on campus because of some other great attributes they have. Their notoriety, or selection for SGA or Homecoming Court, is icing on the top, and not a determining factor. 
  2. "I have to know someone in Mortar Board to get in." Most members end up knowing a few people in the upcoming class, but this has nothing to do with their selection. Typically, intelligent individuals who are concerned with scholarship, leadership, and service, hang out with like-minded individuals. Logically, we would know a few underclassmen that we’d love in Mortar Board- but that doesn’t mean we just select all of our BFFs. (It is also anonymous, so usually we don’t even realize that we have selected people we know.)
  3. "Even though it is anonymous, it isn’t really anonymous." Well… not true. All of the applications are stripped of anything that could help us identify them. This includes Greek affiliations, specific leadership positions, or anything else that could tell us who a person is. Yes, sometimes we can tell if it is a very close friend or someone who has done something so odd that it could only be them. However, we never name the individuals. Even if one person in the room knows a person, it is still anonymous for the majority. Again, this doesn’t happen very often. 
  4. "I have to have a 4.0 to get into Mortar Board." You’d be surprised to know that sometimes individuals with 4.0s have not been offered membership. Although a 4.0 is awesome and definitely boosts your application, candidates for membership have to meet all three tenets of scholarship, leadership, and service. If one of those is lacking, we cannot extend membership. Mortar Board really prides itself on being an academic organization that has high scholarship, but is also very well rounded. (minimum GPA is a 3.25)

I hope this dispels some of the myths surrounding how to get into Mortar Board! If you have questions about membership, you can always shoot us a message on our Facebook account or DM us on Instagram. (On that note, follow us on Insta at @texastechmortarboard. The girl that runs it is the coolest).