How Selection Works

Since our new class will be selected soon, we thought we'd give y'all an inside look into the process of selecting the incoming class! 

Membership selection is a daylong process. Every member shows up and we spend the day together. Seriously, we were there from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. We take great pride in being the top seniors on campus, and would not risk that great honor and legacy by being flippant with our membership. While it is a long serious day, “passing the torch” to our new class is a fantastic Mortar Board bonding opportunity. With that being said, here is a detailed order of how selection goes. 

  1. We preview applications. The leadership team strips all identifying information and then current members get a list of your achievements, essays, and major. 
  2. We discuss. We go through every single applicant individually to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. We never discuss character (if we know the person) or name names. We solely go by what they have provided on the application. (Seriously, we went through all 130 applicants individually).
    1. Note: We can ONLY vote based on what you apply with. If you’re super awesome and you have friends that can attest to that, thats great. But if those qualities are not well reflected in your application, you might not get membership. Selection is solely based off of what you write on your application. 
  3. We vote. A candidate must have an 80% yes to be extended membership, and members cannot abstain. Any candidate with zero votes is removed from selection. Members with yes votes, but not 80%, are then bumped to the next round. 
  4. We move on to round 2. On round two we discuss all of the candidates that received at least one yes, but did not receive 80% of the vote. We vote and discuss on all of these individuals again. 
  5. Rounds 3-?: We go through rounds until we complete a round where a single candidate is not selected for membership. Once we go through the remaining list and nobody makes the membership criteria, membership ends. 

So as you can see, it is a pretty serious application process. Once you join, you’ll realize why all of us love it so much, and why we take great care in selecting the future class! Now that selection is over, be on the lookout for Mortar Board members “tapping” in the next class!