A Practical Act of Gratitude

“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The fourth Thursday of November, we pause to count our blessings. For many of us, a professor is among the people for whom we are thankful. We are thankful for professors who act as mentors by supporting our ambitions and pushing us to reach our potential.

 Mortar Board and Omicron Delta Kappa are offering Texas Tech students a practical way to thank these professors who have changed our lives. Since 1980, these two honor societies have honored outstanding teachers with the Faculty Recognition Award. By nominating a professor for this award, you recommend that he or she deserves to be part of an elite group of people who have shaped the lives of Texas Tech students.

So between the turkey and the pie and the football, take a moment over the long weekend to tangibly express your gratitude. Nominate the professor who has changed your life for the Faculty Recognition Award.

Access the Faculty Recognition Nomination form: http://ttumortarboard.com/events/2016/11/16/faculty-recognition-nominations